Steven Xue is a photographer and communication designer based in Portland, Oregon. His work stems from his interests in the fine arts and graphic arts. He appreciates everything from typography, the Bauhaus, to film photography, and minimalist interiors with lots of natural light. His work is also influenced by his interest in philosophy and seeking to be in nature.

With photography, Steven tries to both cherish and document moments as honestly and authentically as they are presented. He seeks to capture the moments that, when viewed, possess significance or a greater meaning. He is drawn to meaning and truth, and strong feelings that isolate one's place in time, reducing one to the most human core. He hopes that through his work, he could evoke a sense of emotional depth, a sense of humanity, and the intangible feelings we are all too familiar with but hard to put into words.

He is currently pursuing a BFA Degree in Communication Design at
Pacific Northwest College of Art. 

Photo by Jason Sutherland


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